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Beringer Brakes

Beringer Brakes


Beef up your Braking System: Upgrade the braking system on your 103SOLO 


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  • Beringer Company Info

    BERINGER has been manufacturing brakes since 1985 in the same spirit of quality and performance. The range of wheeks and brakes for aircraft, certified since 2009, offers an advanced technology:

    • Wheel in 2 wheel halves, CNC machined from aluminum billet
    • Tubeless use (weight saving and safety improvement)
    • Axles CNC machined from aluminum billet
    • Brake calipers, master cylinders, regulators CNC machined from aluminum billet as well
    • Floating steel or stainless steel discs
    • Sintered metallic brake pads providing high performance at high temperatures
    • Stainless steel braided lines and fittings


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