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Magnum Parachute

Magnum Parachute


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Magnum Ballistic Parachutes are available for a wide range of aircraft, including Light Sport, Experimental and Ultralights. 


Systems are available for aircraft up to 3,960 pounds gross weight, and deployment speeds of up to 199 MPH.

Color: Red
  • Magnum Parachutes - Company History

    Magnum Ballistic Parachutes are manufactured by Stratos 07 in Europe.  The company has been in business for over 26 years, providing and refining ballistic parachute systems for light aircraft, as well as manufacturing other high-tech products for military and law enforcement.

    In 1990 Mr. Josef Straka of the Czech Republic (current owner of Stratos 07) formed a partnership with the German firm Junkers to develop a superior all-plane ballistic recovery system.  Czech ballistic experts, with extensive history in military ballistic and parachute design for the Soviet Block during the Cold War, offered their knowledge in the design of these new parachute systems for light aircraft.  

    In 1996 the partnership reorganized when Junkers ownership changed hands, and Stratos 07 became an independent manufacturer.  Stratos 07 has continued to manufacture, develop and test ballistic parachute systems for a wide variety of Ultralight, Light Sport and Experimental aircraft.  The Stratos Magnum Systems are state-of-the-art ballistic parachutes utilized by many aircraft manufacturers in Europe and other countries, including many of the SLSA aircraft models imported into the United States.

    Magnum Ballistic Parachute Systems have been available in the United States since 2006.



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