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    Get ready to take flight with Ruckus, our experimental light sport aircraft. We're opening up the first 10 reservations, starting at a base price of $40,000. Secure your spot with a $4,000 deposit.


    Customize Your Experience

    Tailor your Ruckus to fit your style and needs. Choose from options like custom colors, floats, a BRS parachute system, larger tires, aluminum wings, and avionics upgrades. With a useful load of 1000 lbs, there's plenty of room for customization.


    Builder Assist Program in Atlanta, GA

    Located in Atlanta, GA, our builder assist program offers support and guidance as you assemble your Ruckus. Join a community of aviation enthusiasts and bring your aircraft to life with expert assistance.


    Reserve Your Ruckus Today

    Secure your reservation now and be one of the first to experience the freedom of flight with Ruckus. Place your deposit to reserve your Ruckus!


      Watch us land and take off in less than 45 seconds!

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